This third workshop focuses on playtesting as a way of negotiating with teammates and with other project stakeholders. It emphasizes understanding what evidence different stakeholders find persuasive, differiating between expertise and experimental result, and communicating effectively about playtest data.

We will look at: Expertise in the form of designer's judgment and expert panels, as well as Experimentation in the form of A-B testing and pre-post testing.



Methods for Playtesting in Persuade

  1. Expertise: Designer's Judgment:

    Based on prior design experience, literature, and education, this form of expertise relies on designer credibility.

  2. Expertise: Expert Panel:

    Applying the wisdom of experts and their precedents to persuade others of validity.

  3. Experiment: Pre-Post Testing:

    Testing players before player and after play to measure a player's experience.

  4. Experiment: A-B Testing:

    Testing two versions of a game, A and B, to pin-point differences in player experience.

Downloads (Last Held On: 4/6/16)



Gives an overview of how playtesting can be used to gather evidence and prove claims about a game to stakeholders.


Persuade Bridge Activity

Given to students before the workshop. Guidelines to creating a poster for organizing and identifying claims, evidence, and stakeholders.



Provides overview of methods reviewed and gives step-by-step instructions if students want to try on their own.
Given to students at start of workshop.